Lesson 5 of 5 – Dance Monkey 2


Welcome to the last lesson of the violin course “Learn to play the violin in a super cool way”.

In this lesson we will continue to learn the beginning of Dance Monkey and we will focus on how to play with the left hand and combine this with the bow movement you learned in the previous lesson.

See you in the video.

Instrumental backing 2:

Instrumental backing 2 – version 2:

In this lesson you learned:

  • to play the start of Dance Monkey with your left hand
  • the start-grip which consists of the notes Fiss, Giss and A
  • how to use an app on your phone to tune the violin

When it comes to tuning the violin, a very simple and straightforward way to tune the violin is by using an app such as ClearTune. In the video I show how you can tune while playing the notes. You can play a note and then adjust up or down afterwards.

You must tune all four strings correctly. We start with the thickest string called G. When you move your bow over the G string in a smooth motion, a needle in the app will show you how close you are to the tone G.

The first string is G

Second string is D

Third string is A

Fourth string is E

If the needle points to the left of G, towards F♯ (Fis), then this means that your tone is now too low and you can adjust the fine tuner clockwise to get a higher tone. If the needle points to the right of G, towards A♭ (A flat), then you must turn counterclockwise. Adjust until the needle points straight up and shows green on the tone G.

Thank you and very well done! I hope to see you again.

PS: If there´s anything which is not quiet clear to you at some point of the course, or you´d like to get some personal feedback after you finished the course, you can record a max. 5-10min video of you playing and send it to me with your question kirsti@kirstimusic.com.

Sunny greetings from

kirsti.music AS | Kirsti Hille - Violin teacher and artist

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